How to Hang the Texas Flag

The Texas Flag Code specifies how to hang the state flag.
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Among the six national flags that have flown over Texas are those of the Republic of Texas and the United States of America. When Texas joined the union in 1845, the Republic’s flag became the state flag. The Texas flag consists of three equal-sized rectangles. A lone white star is centered on a blue vertical field adjacent to one red and one white horizontal field. In accordance to the Texas Flag Code, specific guidelines detail how to hang the flag whether indoors or outdoors.

1 Hanging the Texas Flag

2 Select an appropriate place

Select an appropriate place to hang the flag. Such places include interior and exterior walls over streets.

3 Determine the flag

Determine how the flag will be hung. If the flag is to be hung on a vertical surface, consider using hooks or some similar fastening device that can be firmly anchored into the wall. If suspending the flag in a room or outdoors, consider using a rope or length of wire and halyard snaps.

4 Locate the grommets on the flag

Locate the grommets on the flag. Find these on a vertical edge of the flag on or near the blue field. There should be two grommets; an upper and a lower.

5 Hang the flag on a vertical surface

Hang the flag on a vertical surface by slipping the grommets over hooks or fasteners that have been anchored to the wall. Check that the blue panel is at the top of the flag while the white stripe is to the viewer’s left and the red stripe is to viewer’s right. If hanging the flag on a speaker’s platform, it should be behind and above the speaker.

6 Suspend the flag from a ceiling

Suspend the flag from a ceiling by using a rope or wire. Securely fasten the rope or wire to a wall or other sturdy object. Tie halyard snaps to the rope or wire and then slip the halyard snaps through the flag’s grommets. The same as hanging on a vertical surface, a viewer entering a building should see the blue at the top, the white to the viewer’s left, and the red to the viewer’s right. When exiting the building, the flag will be seen in reverse.

7 Suspend a flag

Suspend a flag above the street in the same way as hanging it from a ceiling. If the street runs east-to-west, the white panel should be to the north. If the street runs north-to-south, the white panel should be to the east.

8 Assure that the flag

Assure that the flag does not touch the floor or ground. This is to show respect for the flag and the patriotic symbols it represents.

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