How to Wear the American Flag Pin

Wear an American flag pin

An American flag pin allows you to proudly display the American flag wherever you travel. Simply pinning the flag on some random part of your clothes is bad American flag etiquette, and could even be considered disrespectful to the flag and those who have served in the United States military. The protocol for wearing an American flag pin contains the same types of rules for wearing a U.S. flag patch or displaying a flag at your house.

Place the American flag pin on the correct side of the body. All American flag pins are to be worn on the left side of the body. The reason is that the heart is located on a person's left side.

Flip the American flag pin so that the flag is straight, with the flag's stripes pointing to the left. The flag is then right side up and “flying” directly to the left.

Insert the American flag pin in the proper position on the left side of the body. Place the pin approximately 1 to 2 inches (measuring not necessary) directly above the heart. If wearing a clothing item that has a lapel, place the pin in the middle of the left lapel.

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