Things Needed

  • ['Flagpole with halyard', 'U.S. flag', 'Halyard cleat']
Hoisting the U.S. flag correctly is important.

There are many different rules of etiquette to go along with flying the flag of the United States. Flags are never supposed to touch the ground, and this can get tricky when raising and lowering a flag from a flag pole. Hoisting the flag correctly is important, as it shows a degree of respect and loyalty to the flag and the country.

Attach the ends of the halyard or rope to the grommets at the bottom and top of the flag, making sure the flag is correctly positioned.

Pull on one end of the rope. It is best to have two people to perform this duty, with one to hold the flag off the ground and the other to hoist it.

Pull the halyard until the flag is tight up at the top of the pole. It should be raised quickly and efficiently. Only go slowly when you are lowing it at the end of the day.

Tie the halyard to the pole using a halyard cleat.

Tightly pull the other halyard end and tie it off. This ensures that the flag and halyard are secure.


  • Salute the flag during its hoisting. Salute until it unfurls or the music is finished playing, whichever lasts the longest.

    The U.S. flag should be at the highest point and in the center of any group of flags.