Misconceptions abound about what magic is. Many people think that magic is "evil" or that is just smoke and mirrors performed on stage to make things disappear. Magic spells are real and they have been known to work as long as they are done right. There are many methods to performing a spell, but most commonly they include the four elements which are earth, air, fire and water. You can perform a spell that has the potential to be very powerful and successful with the use of "real magic."

Magic Spell

Determine which side of your coffee table is the northern side and place your small bowl of salt on that side. This will represent the element of earth. Place your incense on the eastern side, your candle on the southern side and the bowl of water on the western side. These represent air, fire and water, respectively.

Sit in front of your coffee table on the southern side, facing north. Light your candle and close your eyes. Imagine a white light forming a protective bubble around you. Take three slow and deep breaths. Breathing deep will relax you and get you into the state of mind to create magic.

Open your eyes and when you feel relaxed begin writing on the piece of paper exactly what you want. This will be your "petition" stating what you want to get out of the spell. Be very specific and careful what you wish for. Also think of this as a "written prayer." If the petition is to bring something to you, keep the piece of paper. If you are trying to rid yourself of something, rip the piece of paper up into small pieces and flush it down the toilet.

Sit still and visualize what you want to happen in your mind and think of it as already having taken place. Visualizing your goal is the most important thing, so take as long as you want when performing this step. When you feel ready, visualize your "bubble" disappearing.

Put your supplies away. Dump the water and the salt outside and go about your normal activities. Don't tell anyone about your spell because their negative thoughts will have an effect on your magic. You have to believe that your magic will work.