How to Get Invited to Be on TBN

Prepare a package with a presentation of your expertise or calling.

Being a guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is a privilege and an honor. Partners of TBN tune in to hear what God is doing on the Earth today or to hear a special and timely message from Him. They are eager to hear pastors share what God has been saying to them and what the pastors are preaching to their churches. Singing groups lift the spirits of those whom are surfing through the channels and stop and listen. If you have a talent or a word of encouragement to bring to the TBN audience, there is a criteria to follow that can assist you in becoming a guest.

Make a bio to present to the station. For example, you can note your current and past associations of ministry or Christian service to establish your history. You can explain your Christian background, church affiliation and talent productions. Are you a pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist, singer, musician, or author? Or, explain what is it you desire to expound on as a guest. Include a current photo of yourself.

Gather the material -- or press kit -- you would like to present as somewhat of an audition. Do you have a special sermon or a song to perform? Put it on a DVD or VHS tape stating what you have to offer as a guest on the TBN "Praise the Lord" program, to be included in your potential guest package. Note: A CD alone is not acceptable.

Submit your materials to: WDLI Channel 17 TBN Praise Dept. 1764 Wadsworth Road Akron, OH 44320

Be prepared to wait at least two months before you obtain a response as TBN receives a large quantity of guest requests.

Penny LaGasse lives in South Florida. She has been writing in the education field since 1982 and in the marketing field since 2002. LaGasse won the Quill and Scroll award from "The Colonel's Journal" and has also written articles in the "Smith It Gazette." She holds a Bachelor of Arts in education from Florida Atlantic University.