How to Find Paroled Inmates in Arkansas

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Paroled inmates in Arkansas must follow several rules as a condition of their release. Former convicts often must pay fines, attend rehabilitation appointments and medical screenings, and meet with parole officers. They have extremely rigid routines. It is easy to find model parolees, but sometimes former convicts ignore the requirements of being on parole. You can find paroled inmates in Arkansas by learning as much history about them as you can.

1 Find Paroled Inmates in Arkansas

2 Talk with parole officers

Talk with parole officers. The ideal paroled inmates in Arkansas will usually have a good history with their parole officer. Parole officers document each meeting so a lot of detail will probably be available as well. Details about substance abuse programs might be restricted. Be sure to get permission from a spouse or other family members before you begin your hunt for paroled inmates in Arkansas.

3 Learn about the crime and the time

Learn about the crime and the time. Former violent offenders have a tendency to frequent certain areas more than others. If you can learn about why former inmates did time, you can probably narrow the field a bit. For instance, it isn’t likely that inmates from Forrest City Low are either violent or former sex offenders because it is a federal minimum security prison.

4 Check sheriff ’ s office registries

Check sheriff’s office registries. Review sex-offender registries and most-wanted posters for the former inmate's county of residence. Read area crime and arrest reports. It might be difficult to find paroled inmates in Arkansas if they have been rearrested or are on the run.

File a request for information with the Parole Board of Arkansas. This is the state agency that can revoke a parole order if it decides. If you want to find paroled inmates in Arkansas, be sure not to get them into trouble, if it isn't necessary. Agency officials might want to know why you want to find inmates, so be sure you have an ethical reason for searching. Be sure to direct inquiries to the support or administrative staff.

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