Getting someone's license plate number based off simply an individual's name is not typically a matter of public record. In most states, an individual must have a good reason to find out the license plate numbers of the vehicles and individual owns. However, if you were the victim of a crime and know the person's name and want to track them down, there is some help for you.

Call the police and report the problem, if you were a victim of a crime and only know the person's name. Law enforcement personnel have easy access to state license plate information and can find out what the license plate number is. This way, people can be on the lookout for the individual in question. Law enforcement may then give you the license plate number, if they feel you need to know it.

Go to the person's house and watch which vehicles come and go from the premises. You can't camp out at someone's home, typically, without a good reason and permission, but you can casually drive by from time to time to determine the license plate numbers of the individual you are researching.

Visit your local city and county court and research the person's criminal history. If the person has been convicted of any traffic crimes, look at the police records. The license plate numbers of the vehicles involved are usually listed right there.

Ask the person for the license plate number. If you are researching the person's background for a delivery or courier job, you are well within your rights to request the individual's license plate number in order to find out more about the individual.

Research the person's civil records. If the person has had the vehicle repossessed and the auto loan bank has filed civil suit against the person, the license plate number likely is listed among those court records.