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There are literally dozens of different ways you can receive a ticket, from driving to fast to parking on the wrong side of the street. Whatever the reason is, if you received a ticket you need to know how much to pay for the violation. Although most tickets have the amount posted on the ticket, you may be required to do some extra detective work to determine how much the ticket is for.

Read through the ticket look to see if there is a mail address, Internet site or phone number listed. There is going to be at least one of these listings on the ticket (often times it is on the back).

Call the phone number on the ticket. You most likely are going to receive an automated operator to help direct your call. Once you select the ticketing information you are directed to a live operator.

Inform the operator of your infraction number (printed on the ticket) and possibly your drivers license and license plate number. The operator is then going to tell you how much the ticket is for and how to pay it.

Log onto the Internet site if one is listed. You will be asked for the ticket number and your drivers license. You are then informed of the ticket price. You can also usually pay for it online with a debit or credit card.