How to Find a Reputable Medium

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A psychic medium is a person that is able to intercept paranormal activity where common people cannot. A medium is normally hired to investigate and form a conclusion as to why a certain phenomenon is occurring in a given area. A qualified medium is often able to explain why there is, and often who is causing, a disturbance. Not surprisingly, this is a field that lends itself to a great deal of fraud, so taking precautionary steps when selecting a medium is essential to finding someone reputable to help you.

1 Search for reputable mediums

Search for reputable mediums. Rosemary, the Celtic Lady of the American Association of Psychics, explains that "this organization is not about competition. It is about us all being equal in the eyes of spirit." The website is free from advertisements, and is an invitation-only membership for serious, dedicated mediums.

2 Seek out a personal referral from

Seek out a personal referral from, or through, someone you trust, such as family, friends, and your local law enforcement agency. Many law enforcement agencies use the services of a medium to find missing persons, solve cold cases and uncover clues that may be unseen by the common eye. If your local police department is small, ask the department of a larger, neighboring city.

3 Avoid colorful

Avoid colorful, numerous advertisements listed in every paper and/or on every street corner. Reputable mediums take their gift seriously and do not perform a show for financial benefit.