How to Find a Postal Forwarding Address

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When someone moves, they can fill out a form to allow the postal service to forward their mail to them for up to 12 months. After this time, the United States Postal Service will return mail to the sender with a notice of the recipient's new address. However, the USPS will not give out forwarding addresses directly to individuals for safety reasons. However, it is possible to procure someone's forwarding address with a little savvy.

1 Locating an old friend's new address.

2 Are attempting to contact

If person you are attempting to contact is a member of a trade that is regulated like a nurse or barber, they will be licensed in their state. Contact the state agency to find their information.

3 Has been since the person

If has been 12 months since the person moved, on the front of the envelope of the mail you are sending write "Address Correction Required/Do Not Forward." If the person you are looking for left a forwarding address with the post office, it will place a label with the correct address on the envelope and send it back to you.

4 Speak with the person's old neighbors

Speak with the person's old neighbors, relatives, religious leaders and employers, or friends you have in common. Often, individuals that have moved will leave their forwarding address with these people.

5 Browse the web

Browse the web to find a person. White pages are available on the Internet with personal listings of addresses and telephone numbers. It is voluntary to provide information to these websites, but if this person has shared their information, they will list them.

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