How to Find Out In What Cemetery Someone Is Buried

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It's easy to lose track of people over the years. If someone that you've lost track of happened to pass away during that time, one possible step in your grieving process might involve finding the spot where he is buried so you can visit and say your goodbyes. With the right information about the deceased, it's easy to identify the cemetery in which someone is buried.

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Talk to someone you know who was close to the person who passed away. She should be able to tell you where that person is buried. If not, move on to Step 2.

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Compile a list of all the information you know pertaining to the person whose resting place you are searching for. Include such information as his first, middle and last name, his years of birth and death, or the country, state or county in which he was buried.

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Enter the common information you have into the search engine at If you have all the information the site needs, you should get an exact match, but you may have to scroll through a list of people to find the person you are searching for. Once you find the name, the cemetery where she is buried will be listed beside it.

Contact the cemetery for information pertaining to the exact location of the grave within the grounds.

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