How to Donate to The Republican Party. There are several different ways that you can help the Republican Party. One of the easiest and most effective is by making monetary donations. You can make a one-time donation or recurring donations. Regardless of how much or how little you give, your contributions can help improve the GOP. Read on to learn more.

Visit and click on the donate link at the top of the page. Here, you can make a one-time payment by filling out your personal information and choosing how much you would like to donate in the "Make a One-Time Contribution" box. If you donate at least $25 you receive membership benefits, which include a subscription to the quarterly Republican National Committee magazine, access to a toll-free hotline and exclusive members-only events.

Sign up for the "Grow Our Party Funds" recurring donation. Go to the same place that you would to make a one-time contribution and go to the "Grow Our Party Funds" box instead of the one-time contribution box. Your contribution will automatically be taken from your credit card every month.

Support your state Republican Party by making a donation on its website. You can find the websites for different states on, and you can make both one-time and recurring donations on many of the state GOP websites.

Contact your local Republican Party office to donate. They may also be able to point you to local candidates you can support with your donations.

Send a check to the Republican National Committee at 310 First Street, SE, Washington DC 20003.