How to Do a New Moon Ritual

Perform a new moon ritual to plant seeds for your intentions.

The new moon represents a new cycle of the various moon phrases and is an excellent time to plant seeds of intention so that they establish roots and begin to sprout miracles into your life. Rituals are often empowered with the natural energy of the universe and it is a good practice to conduct a new moon ritual each month to rededicate your intentions. Consider what changes you would like to see in yourself and your current reality to develop an idea of what intentions you might seek to express during your next new moon ritual.

Clear your mind in preparation of the ritual. Ideas include taking a bath with sea salt-enhanced water by candlelight to clear negative energies from your mind and body or calming the mind by taking deep breaths while meditating or performing a grounding exercise. As a grounding exercise to help you remain connected to the earth's energy, visualize roots emerging from your feet down into the earth’s core, where they draw energy that rises up through your feet and all of your chakras as it pours from the top of your head and down around you.

Prepare the ritual area by cleansing it with a sage smudging or by burning incense. You may also want to surround the areas with lit candles.

Begin the ritual by sitting down with a notebook and pen. Write a statement, such as “I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned,” on a sheet of paper. List your intentions for the next moon cycle, or farther into the future, if desired, including everything you would like to manifest in your life. Writing your intentions turns your thoughts and dreams into clear goals and gives the universe physical evidence that you want to achieve them. Nothing is too small or big to list, from a new CD to a new job or inner confidence. Take the time to sit quietly and allow new images and dreams come to mind before writing them on your list.

Close your ritual with a benediction or prayer of thanks to the universe, if desired.

Track any intentions that come to manifest in your life by listing them in a scrapbook. You can list either actual items from your intention, such as theater tickets, or symbols representative of them, such as a silver dollar for abundance or a crystal heart for love.

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