How to Work Spiritually With Your Ancestors

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We all have ancestors who have passed. Through spiritual work we can connect with them and seek guidance and help while still on the physical plane. Working with ancestors can be rewarding on many levels, but most especially on spiritual ones that lead to developing a higher self.

1 Clear the mind

Clear the mind to open the pathways. You must do this to create a space for the ancestors. This can be done in many ways. For a beginner, silent meditation can be the most helpful. Others may opt to chant, do deep breathing exercises, burn incense, or complete some personal ritual.

2 Feel the space you have created

Feel the space you have created. After practice, this space should become familiar to the point that you can feel or sense any changes. Changes can be positive or negative, so it's important to develop a sense of what feels right for ancestral communication. Learn to recognize when an ancestor is present. The energy should feel positive, warm, inviting, and beneficial.

3 Call

Call upon the ancestors for help or guidance. This can be done silently, with the thoughts keenly focused and the intention strong, or it can be done aloud. Sound can be a powerful force that will amplify the energy. For this reason many traditions use sound as a vehicle. But thought can be enough to generate movement. This is a personal choice, but beginners should consider speaking aloud. Generally, if you have a specific, known ancestor in mind, you can call the ancestor by name three times. If calling upon unknown ancestors, simply command that they be brought forth.

4 Ask the ancestors

Ask the ancestors for specific assistance or for general guidance, to take advantage of their knowledge. The dialogue is a direct line from the speaker's higher self to the ancestors. If you choose to work with guides or guardians as a go-between, then you should first connect with them and then create space for the ancestors.

5 Thank the ancestors for their assistance

Thank the ancestors for their assistance. Expressing gratitude completes the circle of exchange.