How to Communicate in Dreams

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Since the dawn of time, the ancients believed dreams were messages from the gods, answers from the other side and access to another dimension of consciousness. Now this old form of knowledge is becoming not so ancient.

As people become more aware of the latent powers that are stored within their consciousness, special abilities such as dream communication can become possible.

In order to do this we must first uncover our awareness from a thick mud of ignorance. Only then will you recall dreams and have dream communication.

1 Create a dream journal

Create a dream journal. Place a new notebook dedicated to recording your dreams and a pen under your pillow or by your bed. Decorate and title the cover so that it is special for you. The pen's ink should be dark enough so that you can see what you are writing while in the dark. The colors and design of the notebook should also inspire you to record your dreams as well.

2 Record your dreams

Record your dreams. Open to a blank page in your journal when you awaken from a dream. Write key words that directly relate to the dream. For example if you dreamed about falling from a skyscraper into a pool of chocolate pudding, you would write "falling, high building and chocolate pudding." Include any other important key words and emotions that revive the memory of the dream. Do this every time you awaken from a dream.

3 Recall your dreams

Recall your dreams. Expand upon the keywords that you recorded for each dream during the next morning. Write everything that comes to your mind when reading the keywords. Write in stream of consciousness mode and avoid over thinking. Date each entry when you are done. Repeat the act of recording and recalling every morning. This will enable you to become more aware of this level of consciousness.

4 Practice meditation

Practice meditation. This is the act of consciously stilling the mind. When the mind is still it can become more aware of higher levels of consciousness such as psychic and dream communication. Go to and choose a mediation technique that best suits you. Do this for at least 15 minutes per day, preferably once in the morning and evening. Avoid attaching to a thought and detach from thought trips as soon as possible.

5 Create an intention

Create an intention. Practice your meditation technique at least 15 minutes before going to bed. Avoid falling asleep before the 15 minutes is over. Focus on the being or energy that you are trying to communicate to. Envision the being's face if it is a loved one who is deceased or who is still alive. Envision pure, white, loving light surrounding this being. Imagine only pure loving light, if you want to communicate with a formless energy such as God or universal consciousness. Feel this energy pouring into your heart and send your loving energy towards it. Feel that you are near this energy and that it is always near you.

6 Say a prayer

Say a prayer. Feel that the force between you and what you are trying to communicate to is growing ever stronger. Envision that this energy is mixing with the divine ultra-pure omnipresent force of the universe. Bless your soul and higher self for wanting to bridge between to two worlds of consciousness. Bless the being or energy that you want to communicate to. Ask for guidance from heavenly beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed or spirit guides to protect you and surround your being with divine milky ambrosia.

7 Open up communication

Open up communication. State mentally that you are willing to communicate to this energy in your dreams. Continue focusing on the heart and mentally communicate to this energy. Ask a question if you want answers to a specific subject. Envision your heart opening and expanding with every question you ask. These questions may concern yourself, a spirit that has passed on or anything in the universe. Focus all of your attention on each question and repeat it several times in your mind. If your mind is still enough you may receive answers immediately after you do this.

8 Continue focusing

Continue focusing on your heart and the energy of communication as you fall asleep. Be conscious throughout your dreams. Resist negative thought forms and chaotic energy. Focus all of your attention on the object of communication and force your mind to be present and aware during all dreams. This is called lucid dreaming. To increase this skill, ask yourself throughout the waking state whether or not you are dreaming. Because your mind is the same no matter what dimension you are in, it is imperative to always be mindful.

9 Repeat Steps 2 to 8

Repeat Steps 2 to 8. It is important to be consistent with your communication. Sometimes you may not receive answers right away. This is normal. Follow up questions that have been answered with new ones. Record your conversation in a separate section of your dream journal.

Ian Moore is a student pursuing an associate degree in music and holds a bachelor's degree in English. Moore has been a writer for more than 10 years. He holds a TESOL certification and has taught English abroad. Moore has published work for Transitions Abroad.