How to Change a Discharge From Under-Honorable Conditions to Honorable

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When you leave the military either by choice or by force you will receive a discharge. The military currently has five different discharges. Your eligibility for veteran benefits depends on the type of discharge you receive . If you receive a "General" (under honorable conditions) you will not be eligible for benefits like the GI Bill. You can appeal your discharge and try to get your discharged changed to "Honorable" making you eligible for all veteran benefits.

1 Download the Application for the Review of Discharge

Download the "Application for the Review of Discharge From the Armed Forces of The United States."

2 Fill out your personal information in box one

Fill out your personal information in box one. Information you will fill out includes branch of service, name, rank at discharge, social security number, mailing address, phone number and email.

3 Fill out box two through five

Fill out box two through five. Enter in your date of discharge, unit and location at discharge and discharge received. In box five mark "Change to Honorable."

4 Complete box six through nine

Complete box six through nine. Enter in box six, your reasons why you want to change your discharge and why you believe you deserve a change in your discharge. In box eight include names of any documents that support your reason as indicated in box six. You can include medical records, military documents or awards you have received as a civilian. Select in box nine the type of review requested, read the three options and select the option convenient to you. If you will have a representative at the board meeting fill out the remaining boxes according to the directions on the form.

5 Sign in box 12

Sign in box 12 and enter in the date you signed. If you have a case number for your discharge enter it in the "case number" box.

6 Mail your completed form completed to the address

Mail your completed form to the address indicated on page two of the application. Make sure you mail it to the review board for the particular military branch that gave you the discharge. You will hear back on the review status in four to eight weeks. If you choose to attend the board meeting in person you will find out that same day.

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