Spirituality is to the soul what water is to the body.

Spirituality is more prevalent now than it was twenty years ago thanks to Oprah and magazines like Yoga Journal and Spirituality & Health. If you're on a spiritual path and would like some fresh inspiration, you've found some here.

Don't judge yourself or others. The path of a spiritual person is to release judgments for themselves and others. You trust that there is always a divine plan to every person's life and every situation.

Do not gossip or talk badly of others. When you have an opportunity to speak a kind word, take it. Humanity needs more love and support and less criticism and condemning.

Add your light to the world. Lend a hand to create positive change. This could be through volunteer work, sponsoring a child or endangered species, donating to a cause you're passionate about, recycling and being conscious of the world you live in - from the environment to other people's feelings.

Learn how to balance. The joy of being a spiritual person is being aware of the life process and it's challenges, and striving to create the time to balance work, play and rest.

Respect yourself. A spiritual person believes that self-love is necessary to love others. Taking loving care of yourself through a healthy diet, exercise and quiet time allows you reflective healing time with the Divine, which in turn allows you to give more joy, love and wisdom to others.

Stay in the now. Being present is essential on the spiritual path. Acknowledging that we are free from the limitations of time if we learn to truly live in the now allows us to receive new opportunities and manifest miracles.

Don't give up. There may be days when you feel doubt or fear creep in. Being a spiritual person doesn't mean you have to be perfect. Your soul is already perfect - it's your human self you're learning from. Open yourself up to learning the lessons and try to find joy and humor in the process.

Do no harm. Try to avoid killing bugs. This simple act of kindness can create a major shift within your consciousness. Choose your words wisely. As a spiritual person you recognize how powerful your words are and you express yourself from a place of love and compassion for others, always with the intention to heal, learn and grow.

Avoid becoming a spiritual snob. You can never know it all. Your way is not better than someone else's. Remain humble and in a state of gratitude and awe for this incredibly interesting world we live in.

Keep learning. As a spiritual person, you have a thirst for knowledge and self-discovery. You are always working towards becoming a better person, a kinder and more loving person. A forgiving person. Read inspiring books and surround yourself with positive people. Watch inspiring and educational films. Invite art and literature into your life. A spiritual person is rich with passion and love for all of life and is on a lifelong quest to keep evolving and growing beyond self-imposed limitations.