How to Find a Mystical Power Within You

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Releasing psychic abilities and finding mystical power within you is just a matter of learning how to tap into the sixth sense. Many people are unaware of the sixth sense and rely mainly on their other five senses: sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. The sixth is responsible for connecting people with an outside source or to something greater than themselves. It is often referred to as intuition or having a gut feeling about something.

People often think of those who have tapped into psychic energy as gifted, possessing certain mysterious and supernatural powers. But really it is more scientific than this. Just as invisible waves can transmit sound, electricity and light, psychic energy is transmitted in waves of vibrating energy. Think of the mind as an energy station that creates, transmits and receives energy.

1 Accept that psychic ability

Accept that psychic ability is not abnormal. Understanding that everyone has a sixth sense makes it more acceptable to most people. Once it no longer seems weird or like a gift for the chosen few, people are more open to their own psychic abilities. Accepting that mystical power is a natural transference of energy is the first step in unlocking natural psychic ability.

2 Accept that you

Accept that you have contact with the metaphysical world. Most people are not mediums but have made contact outside of the physical world. The story is common. Most have felt, seen or smelled something like it was in a dream. Many have already had contact but do not acknowledge it as real. Acknowledging these experiences as real will open you up to more of them and awaken the senses used to experience them. Opening the door to metaphysical possibilities helps you to connect with the metaphysical powers within yourself.

3 Fine-tune your natural psychic ability

Fine-tune your natural psychic ability. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Practice getting in touch with your inner voice, intuition and sixth sense. According to the practice of Kunlun, a metaphysical practice connecting mind, spirit and body, the simple acts of deep breathing and meditation can teach one how to listen to their sixth sense and unleash their hidden psychic potential. Spending time everyday connecting to the sixth sense will make it stronger. Mediums and psychics have fine-tuned this sense to work as well as the other five.

Jamie Latta is a writer in Los Angeles with over five years of professional writing experience. Her recent editorial work has appeared in The Hollywood Weekly. She's also a screenwriter. Her teleplays have been produced on the Hallmark Channel. Latta is also a copywriter who has worked in print, web and radio.