Dedicate a portion of your day to prayer.

The largest religion in the world is Christianity, with over two billion followers. Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Christian holy book is the Bible. Prayer is an important religious practice for Christians and is not dependent upon a church since they can pray anywhere. Prayer is important on holy days, such as Easter and Christmas, but you can also pray daily. Including prayer in your life can help your religious devotion.

Set aside a specific time each day to pray. Make sure the time will be free of distractions and stress so that you can focus on your prayers. If you are worried about your husband, children, work, household or other distractions, you will not be engaged completely with your prayers, which will affect your spirituality. Making a prayer schedule may help you find time daily to dedicate to prayer.

Pray in a quiet, private location. Before you begin to pray, think about topics on which you want to focus including any guidance you need, things for which you are thankful, or areas in your life in which you need improvement. Women have a tendency to act as emotional caregivers to the people in their lives. In addition to thinking about what you need to gain from prayer, think about those who are around you and who may need your prayers: family members, coworkers, and strangers. Pray about these topics as well as for others.

Schedule an appointment with your local church leader if you need further guidance on how to incorporate prayer into your life. Your church official will have insight into making the most of your prayers.


  • Reading passages of the Bible can help you strengthen your faith and may help you find religious direction.

    Join a women's prayer group at your local church to meet fellow women.