Narrow shoes may look attractive, but they can wreak havoc on your feet. Besides chafing and discomfort, tight-fitting shoes can potentially cause a host of other foot health issues. You can avoid the problems associated with wearing shoes that are too tight by stretching them. Use a two-way shoe stretching kit to leave foot pain behind and start enjoying the luxury of properly fitting shoes.

Step 1

Spray the inner sides of the shoes with a shoe-stretch spray to soften the leather.

Step 2

Read the manufacturer's instructions for using the shoe stretchers. Make a mental note of the instructions for the two adjusting mechanisms. One mechanism adjusts width, and the other adjusts length.

Step 3

Twist the knob or hook for length adjustments counterclockwise to bring the rear and front sections close together.

Step 4

Insert the pods -- the small, bullet-shaped pieces -- into the stretcher holes that correspond to the tight-fitting areas of the shoes.

Step 5

Insert the stretchers into the shoes, then adjust the length to make them fit snugly, but not too tight. Discontinue length adjustments as soon as you feel resistance.

Step 6

Turn the adjustable shoe-width mechanism clockwise, until the leather begins to resist. Avoid over-stretching the leather, which can permanently damage the material.

Step 7

Allow the shoes to stretch for no less than 48 hours, twisting the width mechanism one full, clockwise turn every eight hours.

Step 8

Turn both adjustable width and length mechanisms counterclockwise to loosen, then remove them from the shoes.

Step 9

Try on the shoes to test the size. Repeat the process if the shoes are still too tight.


  • Over-stretching leather will permanently damage the material.


  • Store the newly stretched shoes with shoe trees to help retain their shape.

  • Shoes that are too small to be stretched at home can be re-sized by a professional cobbler.