How to Decorate the Doors of a Classroom for a Career Day

Decorate the doors of a classroom to add excitement for Career Day.

Career Day offers students an opportunity to learn about different career options. In this way, students can make a more informed choice about their future. Guest speakers are often invited to talk about their careers and experiences. Decorations are also often part of Career Day, adding to the excitement on the part of teachers and students. With some creativity, you can decorate the doors of a classroom and contribute to this exciting day.

Talk to other teachers about their plans for decorations. This will help to avoid using the same theme on more than one door. It can also help to generate creative ideas.

Choose a theme for all the doors. Teachers often decorate their doors for Career Day with either a college theme or specific profession.

Write down everything you can think of related to the college or profession and make related decorations. For example, decorate one door with a firefighter theme. Choose a red background and add pictures of fires, hoses, fireman boots and hats. Decorate another door with a doctor theme. Use a light blue or white background and add pictures of a stethoscope, thermometer and other medical items. Decorate another door with an accountant theme. Use a black background and add decorations of numbers, a calculator and financial books. Add details about the profession on the door, such as average salary and required schooling or training. If you choose to decorate based on colleges, use the colors of the college as the background. Add pictures of the school mascot, their area of specialization and the state where they are located.

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