High School Senior Page Yearbook Ideas

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While there may have been a time when it seemed like high school would never end, before you know it, you're a senior. Many yearbook editor are taking a broader approach to the content they include. One way to honor all seniors is to include a page in the year book that celebrates seniors and contains memories that will be cherished for decades. A little imagination can go a long way toward creating a memorable senior page.

1 Photo Retrospective

If you are a senior selecting a photograph to be included in the yearbook, use one that best defines you. If you area member of the drama club, for example, a photo of a rehearsal or stage performance will remind classmates of your talent. Feature photographs of you running track, throwing a football or cheering if you participate in sports. If possible, choose photographs of yourself at various ages to represent how far you have come since your freshman year.

2 Your Song

Select a song that holds great meaning for you and your philosophy on life, or one that captures a favorite memory. Include a line or two from that song on your page; this will help classmates remember both you and recall the music you enjoyed.


Include a detail or two about some specific things you enjoy. You could, for example, highlight your love of cats, hockey, or horror films. Name some close friends and favorite hangouts. Mention hobbies like drawing and painting, or a favorite genre of music. Feature some of the places you have visited during vacations or those you wish to visit some day.

4 Dislikes

Give your classmates a sense of the things you dislike. You could, for example, Indicate your disdain for romance films or Top 40 pop music. Express your dislike for those who hurt animals or wear fur. Maintain a respectful tone to avoid alienating classmates whose opinions may differ from yours.

5 Unusual Talent

Help classmates remember that you played baseball, tennis, or were a member of the swimming team. List the teams you were a member of and include the years you participated. Add details about leadership roles, such as being named captain. This information that will interest and amuse your teammates when they come across your page.

6 Clubs and Achievements

List the clubs you belonged to, as well as any posts you held and the year of your service. Outline your achievements. This can include being elected to student government or the homecoming court; or earning a medal at an All City Championship Track Meet.

7 Aspirations

Describe what you hope to achieve in the future. Specify your career ambitions, or the college you plan to attend and the area of study you will be pursuing. Indicate whether you plan to travel the world with your band or have been accepted to a minor league ball team. Include any details that convey your goals.

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