Is Google Update Needed on Startup?

Unnecessary startup programs can bog down your system.
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Google Update is a tiny program that keeps your Google applications current by periodically checking the Google website and downloading available updates. Google adds the program to your computer's startup sequence when you install Chrome, Google Earth or another Google app. You can remove Google Update from your startup list without affecting the performance of your Google apps. If you do remove it, however, keep your apps up-to-date by other means to get the latest security patches.

1 Pros and Cons

Google Update takes only a fraction of a second to load, so you won't see a noticeable improvement in startup speed by removing it. You may, however, prevent the update program from bogging down your computer with an ill-timed update when you first sign into Windows. The only danger to removing the program is that your apps may get out-of-date and become vulnerable to security threats. This is unlikely, however, as Chrome and the other apps check for updates automatically every time you start them.

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