What Is a Good Way to Get Rid of Hair Without Shaving?

Tweezing works well for shaping eyebrows.
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Dragging a razor across your legs, underarms and bikini zone two or three times a week may be practical but can be, well, a drag. If you're looking for an alternative to shaving, you have plenty of options, though they all have pros and cons of their own. On the plus side, they'll help you stay smooth in the right places.

1 Wax On, Wax Off

Waxing gets your skin smoother than shaving, and for longer. Instead of a blade cutting off your hair at the skin, wax yanks it right out -- and unfortunately, that can feel about as pleasant as it sounds. Some areas are easy to wax at home, such as your legs and face, but others require a professional touch. The skin around your bikini zone is particularly sensitive, and the hair there is coarse -- a dangerous combination, and one for which you should rely only on trained hands.

2 Dissolving with Depilatories

While dissolving body parts isn't something you want to incorporate into a beauty regimen, you can make an exception for your hair. Depilatory creams dissolve hair, melting it away above and just below the surface -- they even take off dead skin, helping prevent ingrown hairs later. The downside is that everyone's skin reacts differently to these creams. Do a spot test on an inconspicuous place to make sure the product works on your hair, and that your skin doesn't have an adverse reaction -- read the label carefully.

3 Tweeze If You Please

When precision matters, it's hard to beat good, old fashioned tweezers. Because tweezing removes one little hair at a time, it isn't a practical solution for large patches such as your legs, or for the sensitive bikini line. This process is best saved for the face, where you'll be removing far less hair, and where the hair is finer and less painful to pluck. If you need to do a little eyebrow shaping, or you have some strays on your upper lip, a few minutes with the tweezers should do the trick.

4 The Big Guns

If you're really serious about hair removal -- and if the procedure isn't cost-prohibitive -- you could try laser hair removal or electrolysis. These long-term hair removal procedures aren't for the fickle. Laser treatments are an annual procedure that destroys your hairs roots, causing them to fall out; electrolysis sticks each hair follicle with a needle, which destroys the cells that cause the hair to grow. Electrolysis is a permanent procedure, and it isn't for everyone, so give it serious thought before taking the plunge.

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