What Are Good Topics for Senior Projects?

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Before students make that long-anticipated walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, some must complete senior projects. Typically based on a culmination of skills and resources acquired over an academic career, senior projects give students the unique opportunity to demonstrate what they can do with what they know. Seniors should pick a topic of interest to them and one that allows them to show they have acquired the skills needed to manage life in the real world.

1 Creative Written Projects

In written projects, the content is expressed verbally. Some ideas for written projects include short stories, poetry, newspaper articles or newsletters, essays, research papers or play scripts. The topics are endless, as students explore both nonfiction and fiction possibilities. Written senior projects are especially good for those who are creative with language. Projects in this category would benefit students considering a major in English, journalism or creative writing.

2 Service Action Projects

Service-oriented projects generally involve organizing or volunteering for a community event. Students take on the responsibility of managing all aspects of the project. Typical projects would include organizing a toy drive for homeless children, working at a nursing home with the elderly, volunteering as a camp counselor, running a day care or tutoring kids after school. Students who choose this type of senior project might consider social work or management as a college major.

3 Dynamite Presentation Projects

The imagination truly shines through with presentation projects. Whether the student chooses to act in a play, sing in a musical or display work in an art show, the topics are endless for presentation projects. A student's talent will dictate the topic she feels comfortable with, but someone with a performing talent might consider theater, music, dance, art or photography as future majors.

4 Professional Careers Project

A professional project is good ways to go behind the scenes of potential career fields. A student shadows a professional in a line of work that interests him, such as a nurse, police officer, lawyer or restaurant manager. Students then write a report about what they learn and why they might want to pursue this field of work. These students might prefer either vocational training or university curriculum, depending on the field of interest.

5 Recommendations for Senior Projects

A senior project should ultimately be something that a student will enjoy working on and walk away from with pride in the results. No matter what the project topic, it should be of use to the student in her future. Students should chose topics that they are curious about and that they have a passion for. If a student is concerned about in which direction to take a topic, she should ask a teacher or adviser for help.

Rachel Aubrey has been a freelance journalist since 2006. Her work has appeared in "Pacific Edge Magazine," where she focused on features about business and the community. Aubrey also interviewed mixed-martial-arts fighters from Hawaii for "UpRoar." She graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism.