Good Questions to Ask a Girl You Haven't Seen in a Long Time

Keep initial conversations with old friends light and simple.
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When you have not seen a girl in a long time, you will likely want to catch up on what she has been doing with her life and share what you have been doing since you last saw her. Although you may have a lot of questions to ask her -- and might even be able to pick up your friendship where you left off -- conversation may be awkward at first, warns psychologist Irene S. Levine in “Psychology Today.”

1 Catching Up

After not seeing a girl for a long time, you may want to begin with general question such as, “How have you been?” This type of open-ended question will give her the chance to share first the things she most wants to tell you. If you were also close with this girl’s family and have not seen them lately, you can ask how they are doing. Additionally, you may want to ask about school, if she has been away at college, or her job if she has been working. If she lives in a different city or state, you can ask how she likes her new home and ask about new experiences she has had. Girls you have not seen in a while may also respond well to questions about their feelings about how things have been going. Because about 70 percent of women have "feeling" type personalities, they may be interested in talking about the emotional side of what they have been doing, explains psychologist Charles R. Martin in the Huffington Post.

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