Good Questions to Ask a Guy You Haven't Seen in a While

Ask him for updates on his hobbies.
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You lost touch with an old guy friend, and you recently have reconnected with him. Since you have not seen each other in a while, you both have plenty of catching up to do. Many times old friends can often pick up right where they left off, explains Dr. Irene S. Levine in her "Psychology Today" article, "Finding a Long Lost Friend: Let Me Count the Ways." Ask him several questions to find out what is new in his life and what you missed out on when you were apart.

1 How's Your Dating Life?

Since the last time you talked, he may be in a relationship with someone new. Ask him all about the special person he is dating now. Find out how they met and what makes them a compatible couple. Alternatively, he could still be with his same girlfriend. Ask about her and how her life is going. Perhaps he could have just broken up with his long-time girlfriend and is now officially single and back on the market. Ask him if he is interested in finding a new girlfriend or content with being single for now.

2 Did You Accomplish Your Goals?

Get updates on goals he mentioned to you in the past that he hoped to complete. Maybe he said to you that he wished to take up a new hobby the last time you both talked. Ask him how he is progressing. Perhaps he told you he was going to take karate. Find out how far he is from getting a black belt. Or, maybe he said he desired to learn a foreign language. Ask him if he is now fluent in the language. Your friend could also be into completely different ventures now than he was years ago.

3 What Does Your Future Hold?

Your old friend likely has several plans for his future. If he is high school-aged, find out what he wants to do after graduating. Ask him what colleges interest him and whether he plans to stay local or go to a university across the country. Ask him what he plans to major in while in college and what occupation he wishes to pursue. If he is college-aged, ask him if he is planning to continue to further his studies in graduate school or go straight into the workforce.

4 How Can I Keep In Touch?

If you and this guy were close friends at one time, you probably miss his friendship. Ask him if he would like to join you one day to hang out and reconnect. Go back to the usual places you went to in the past. Perhaps you can suggest going back to the arcade for a friendly competition or sharing a pizza at the local pizzeria you use to frequent. Ask him if he has a profile on a social media site or if he has an email address you can reach him at to keep in touch.

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