Characteristics of Jamaican Men

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Jamaican men are often characterized by their dark appearance, distinguishable accent and enjoyment of relaxed living. They are well known for the development of reggae music, as well as their approach to living life with ease. Not all Jamaican men will fall into the stereotypes that surround them, but often the characteristics of these men are relatively consistent across the Jamaican male population.

1 Physical

Jamaican men have defining physical characteristics of very dark skin and thick black hair. Their hair is often wrapped in long strands known as dreadlocks, and they often have dark facial hair in the form of mustaches and beards. They often speak in a strong Jamaican accent, which has a drawn-out and rhythmic dynamic.

2 Relations

Most Jamaican men communicate in the country's official language of English. Patois is also often spoken, but it is not a written language. According to an article on the website Things Jamaicans Love, Jamaican men generally pursue women to have relations with. The website also points out that their strength and virility is sometimes defined by their peers by their success in attracting women. Some Jamaican men are known to have strong personalities compared with men from some other countries, so they often come across to others as overly confident.

3 Social

Jamaican men generally maintain social relationships in the form of sports and parties. They often compete with one another in sports, but then enjoy celebrations with each other at parties. Coming together with music is also a common characteristic, exemplified by the well-known Jamaican singer Bob Marley. Social time is also often structured around the family, which for a Jamaican man can include an immediate family of a wife and children, as well as brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

4 Interests

Jamaican men have a general interest in free-spirited living and travel. They are often interested in participating in active and social events such as sports and parties, and are also usually good at the mechanics of building and fixing things. Creating and sustaining a genre of music known as reggae has also been attributed mostly to Jamaican men. Religion is also a large part of most Jamaican men's lives. The island has mostly Christian churches, which the men of the island usually attend with their families.

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