Bible Games About Esther for Children

Sunday school games often focus on prominent figures in the Bible.

Hadassah, later named Esther, was a Jewish queen married to Ahasuerus, the Persian king. Judaism views Esther as a female prophet. Christians study her story as part of the Bible. Bible games about Esther are available for children to learn more about the Old Testament and this famous queen, with such as drawings on Esther, anagrams on Esther, poetry and Bible Jeopardy.

1 Draw Esther

Esther is one of the main women from the Old Testament. She was characterized as a young, beautiful girl, as well as a virgin. Give students a piece of paper and have them draw a picture of Esther which should include an image of her face as well as a crown. Students can put the images of Esther on display to demonstrate their creativity.

2 Esther Anagram

Print out a template of words from the story of Esther and scramble them. The kids should unscramble the words and put them in the blank slot next to the anagram. An Esther anagram can help students develop their Bible vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension.

3 Poem

Students should write a poem based on Esther, her life and her experiences. The teacher may choose to lead the class by reciting a poem about Esther and by making a list of words that describe her and her life. Students should write a two-stanza poem about her. Students can share the poems as a class or in small groups.

4 Fill In the Blanks

Students should read the story of Esther, then give them several sentences to fill in the blanks. Students could play fill in the blanks as a game by having to fill the blanks in a specific amount of time. This can help students demonstrate an understanding of the story of Esther and improve their vocabulary comprehension.

5 Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy is a game that an entire class can play. Teachers can tailor it as an entire class and can tailor it to different parts of the Bible. Categories may include people, places, laws and other aspects of Esther in the Old Testament. Each category should have a correlating point amount and the group or person with the most points wins. Answering Bible Jeopardy questions on Esther can prove both fun and educational.

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