Forklift operators work in warehouses and factories, lifting, transporting and stacking heavy loads. Operating a forklift requires excellent hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, safety awareness and a mastery of driving and controlling both small gas-powered vehicles and larger hydraulic lifts. Forklift drivers work both indoors and outdoors, sometimes in busy or chaotic environments, so quick reaction time and steady nerves are also a plus. Many schools offer formal certificate training, and all forklift operators must pass an Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) exam to work legally in the United States. offers online, on-demand courses to lift operators seeking OSHA compliance certification. CertifyMe's training satisfies both Cal OSHA Title 8 Section 3668, and OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.178 regulations. Curriculum includes floor and aerial/scissor lift operation and safety, workplace hazards, OSHA compliance and fall protection. CertifyMe's programs are available in English and Spanish, and students can immediately print certification cards upon successful completion of the training. Three-year re-evaluations and refresher courses are free.

3402 E. Roeser Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85040


Forklift University

Forklift University provides forklift training for employees and individuals in Arizona, California and Nevada. Forklift University teaches both new and seasoned lift drivers, offering both on-site driver training and online OSHA certification courses for traditional and aerial lifts. Forklift University partners with private forklift companies to provide training programs at many sites within each state, and can tailor its programs to fit company-specific needs.

Forklift University

4230 N. Pecos Road, #7

Las Vegas, NV 89115




BNR Online Training

BNR Online Training provides both online and on-site fork truck and lift operator training programs. Online programs are for experienced drivers looking for OSHA compliance certification. On-site training is delivered anywhere in North America, and includes curriculum on operating lifts, center of gravity, lift capacity, hazards and controls, inspections, laws and techniques for responding to emergency situations.

BNR Online Training

16 Rembrandt Drive

Grimsby, ON L3M5A1



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