Navy SEALS are trained in a variety of techniques to make them stealthy combatants.

Navy SEALs are called upon to execute missions, including special reconnaissance, unconventional warfare and hydrographic reconnaissance, which require stealth and secrecy. In preparation for these missions, SEALs are trained in a variety of techniques to make them effectively stealthy combatants.

Basic Conditioning

This training phase lasts eight weeks and focuses on physical conditioning, water competency, teamwork and mental toughness. SEAL candidates participate in distance runs, obstacle courses and distance swims. The climax of the phase during the fourth week, also known as "Hell Week," is designed to test the candidates' motivation and dedication.


This phase of training teaches candidates the techniques of combat swimming and diving. The program focuses on extensive physical conditioning, long distance dives and advanced SCUBA techniques. During this phase, the trademark skill of the Navy SEAL is developed; candidates are taught how to use diving and swimming as a means of transportation to their mission objective.

Land Warfare

The third phase of SEAL training is concerned with weapons and tactics. Candidates are subjected to more intense physical conditioning and are simultaneously instructed in navigation, patrolling, marksmanship, small-unit tactics and demolition. The final segment of this phase is spent on San Clemente Island in California, where candidates are required to utilize the skills they've learned in training.