Five Signs That He Is Not Interested in You Anymore

Your gut will probably tell you if something's wrong.
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You might have to kiss your share of frogs before you meet your prince. Love blooms -- or at least attraction does -- then reality might set in. One or both of you might realize that you're not a match made in heaven after all. So your guy might send off signals that he wants to move on. Learn to recognize them. And remember, there's probably someone a lot better waiting for you out there on the horizon.

1 The Thrill of the Hunt

Many people react ardently to a challenge. They want what's right out of reach. If your guy couldn't stay away from you in the beginning, but now you always have to initiate physical contact, he might be mentally moving on to his next challenge. Maybe he's just stressed out about something unrelated, such as problems at work or school. But a lack of any type of physical contact can be one sign that your relationship has run its course.

2 You Bicker a Lot

Consider the tone of your conversations when you're together. Does he find fault with you? Are you constantly on the defensive? This might not be a sign that you're doing anything wrong but that he wants to find fault with you so he has an excuse to end the relationship.

3 Slow Response to Calls and Texts

When people want to touch base with each other, they can do so easily in this age of modern technology. Texts are routinely exchanged, and they only take a moment to answer even when a phone call is impossible because one or both of you are involved in something important at the time. If your guy repeatedly fails to respond after you've reached out to him, you can probably assume that he noticed your missed call and he chose not to call back. If you text him and his reply is belated and terse, this could be a red flag.

4 It's All Up to You

Consider the last few times you've gotten together. Did you have to set it up? Did he indicate that he couldn't give you an answer right away, and then he let you know at the last minute? He might be procrastinating because he's looking for a way to get out of seeing you or because he's hoping some better plans will come along. Either way, spending time with you might not be high on his list of priorities.

5 He Dodges Your Questions

If you feel like something's wrong and your boyfriend is pulling back, try asking him what's going on. If everything is fine and he's upset about something else, he'll tell you -- or he should if you've got a healthy relationship. If he dodges your question, however, or if he gives half-hearted assurances that everything is fine without really seeming willing to talk about it, this might be a sign that everything's not fine. One of the problems with looking for signs is that they could mean nothing at all, or they could mean everything. In the end, you may have to just trust your instincts.

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