How to Feel For Testicular Lumps

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Frequently checking your testicles for lumps keeps you aware of your body and whether or not it is changing. It also helps you catch the symptoms testicular cancer early so it can be treated. Testicular cancer becomes apparent when malignant cells in your testes grow out-of-control and form hardened masses in your scrotum. Knowing how to check for lumps in your testicles makes it easy for you notice any potential problems early.

1 Remove your pants and underwear and

Remove your pants and underwear in a comfortable and private location such as your bedroom or bathroom.

2 Elevate one of your legs

Elevate one of your legs by placing one of your feet on the edge of your bed, bathtub or toilet. This makes it easier for you to access all angles of your scrotum.

3 Place your forefinger and middle-finger and

Place your forefinger and middle-finger together on the surface of your scrotum. Feel gently along the surface of your scrotal sack for any abnormalities on the skin's surface.

4 Press your fingers into your scrotum firmly

Press your fingers into your scrotum firmly, but gently, to feel for any hardened masses in the sack.

5 Spread your scrotum

Spread your scrotum slightly so you can roll each testicle around with your fingers gently. This allows you to check your testicles for tumorous growths or cysts. If necessary, repeat steps 2 through 5 in the shower, using soapy fingers, to check more smoothly.

  • Other symptoms of testicular cancer include swelling and enlargement of either testicle, a heavy feeling in your scrotal sack, discomfort and pain in your lower abdomen or groin or pain in the chest or pectoral muscles. There may also be a sudden collection of fluids in the scrotal sack. If any of these symptoms or lumps are present you should seek attention from a doctor immediately for diagnosis and any needed treatments.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor or a suitable specialist if you discover any lumps, growths or abnormal textural changes on your testicles or scrotal sack.
  • If you find a lump, do not panic. Lumps, growths and changes in the texture of your skin aren't always indicative of cancer. Sometimes the conditions can be hormonal or serious but non-fatal such as hernias or inflammation due to infection. Only proper diagnose by a doctor can tell what the cause of abnormality is.

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