What Does It Mean When a Man Says That You & He Are Moving Towards Having a Relationship?

Suggesting that you start a relationship takes things to the next level.
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The two of you have been dating for a few weeks when he sits you down and says he thinks the two of you are headed towards a relationship. It is likely this means he's ready to take things from casual to committed. Before you jump ahead and start making plans for the future, open up the lines of communication and talk to him about what a real relationship means.

1 Growing Emotionally Closer

When your guy starts thinking that you're getting close to having a relationship, it's likely that the two of you are building an emotional bond. This sense of closeness develops as you start sharing your deep, inner-most thoughts with each other, according to Teens Health in the article "Love and Romance." For example, he has told you his life goals and you've shared your proudest moments with him. As the two of you grow emotionally closer, he'll feel more and more ready to start a serious relationship.

2 He's Ready to Commit

Without commitment, it's unlikely that you'll ever have a true long-term relationship. Saying "We're getting there" may mean that he's nearly ready to make the commitment. Your guy may want to ditch the idea of seeing other people or he may feel that he's finally ready to pledge his love to you. In either case, if he sees the two of you moving towards a "relationship" status, commitment is on his mind. Saying that you're on the road to a real relationship is an indicator that a promise to stick together is coming up soon.

3 Where You Are

While moving towards a relationship is a step in the right direction -- that is, if you're looking for something serious -- this may not necessarily mean that he's 100 percent ready for it just yet. In the meanwhile, you both need to figure out what your current situation is. Doing so can help you to feel more comfortable where you are while you work your way to a deeper commitment. Discuss what you are to each other and what you need to work on in order to get to a real romantic partnership. For example, he tells you that right now he wants to keep things casual. Clarify what this means when it comes to dating other people, how much the two of you will see each other and what you can expect from each other when it comes to emotional support.

4 Feeling Out the Situation

He says that he sees himself moving towards a relationship with you, but he doesn't exactly ask you to get serious. Why not? It's possible that he's feeling nervous about making a commitment. Even though there are plenty of joys that a committed relationship brings on, this type of deep partnership can involve hurt or disappointment. If he's not entirely sure how you'll react to the idea of a commitment -- or thinks that he could completely lose you by suggesting it -- he may take a step back and say that you're just headed in that direction.

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