How to Describe How You Feel When You Fall in Love

When you fall in love, you may feel many things -- including just wanting to be together.
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You get a jittery feeling in your belly, your palms sweat and a flutter of electricity runs through your body when you see that special someone. These signs indicate that you may be falling in love. When you fall in love the first time, you might not understand the various emotions you're feeling -- whether you're feeling euphoric, giddy, nervous, exhausted and confused -- or, a combination of these emotions.

1 You Feel Giddy

The butterflies you feel are part of the giddiness that happens when you're falling in love. You've become infatuated with your partner, believe he is perfect and want to be with him all the time. He probably feels this way, too. All this euphoria is a combination of emotions and chemistry, says researcher Donatella Marazziti, of the University of Pisa, as cited in Deborah Khoshaba's article, "The Early Stages of Falling in Love," in Psychology Today. When people are attracted to each other, their bodies release adrenaline and phenylethylamine, which is a key chemical in chocolate. These chemicals put you in emotional overdrive. Another nerve transmitter, serotonin, is lower when people fall in love. The reduced serotonin levels enable both of you to feel good and to "obsess about your lover and consistently reflect back on the romantic times spent with him or her," according to Marazziti.

2 You Feel Disorganized

Before you fell in love, you may have had plenty of time to hang out with friends, to study or to go to a job. Now your schedule seems stretched to its limits. Marazziti calls this the endangered stage in a relationship -- because all this euphoria can make you feel disorganized and anxious -- endangering your usual sense of well-being. Adding romance to your jam-packed life may make you feel like you don't have enough time in the day.

3 You Feel Exhausted

Falling in love isn't all laughter and giggles. Falling in love changes the testosterone levels of men and women. Women have more testosterone, while men have less. The increased testosterone in women makes her more "sexual and aggressive," whereas the reduced testosterone in men enables him to be more "emotional and receptive," according to Marazziti. All this hormonal activity can cause exhaustion, and many couples want this stage to be over so they can sleep, Marazziti adds.

4 You Feel Confused

When you fall in love -- especially the first time -- you may feel confused. Unlike feeling out of your mind, this kind of confusion includes being unsure about what's happening or if it's actually real. If you've never been in love, you may feel confused about the new emotions that love brings on. Additionally, you may feel confusion over what your partner expects from you or if he is experiencing the same emotions you're experiencing.

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