How to Express Gratitude to Someone Who Gave You a Lot of Money

Show appreciation for the gift by explaining what you will use it for -- like decorating your dorm room.
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When someone gives you a large financial gift for your graduation, birthday or another special occasion, express your gratitude in an appropriate and timely manner. You don't need to write a lengthy "thank-you" card or letter to convey how much you appreciate -- and will benefit from -- this generous gift.

1 Send a Note

In most cases, sending an in-person delivery of a "thank you" eliminates the need for a note or letter emphasizing your gratitude. Certain presents, however, such as congratulatory ones for a graduation, warrant a handwritten thank-you note, according to the Emily Post Institute, in "Appropriate Thank-You Notes." Send your note of acknowledgement within a week so that you do not get busy with other matters and forget.

2 Get the Words Right

Some people postpone sending a note because the idea of adequately expressing gratitude, especially for such a substantial gift, is intimidating. However, you don't need to write a thank-you note that's more than three to five sentences or one that has gushing words, according to Anna Post, spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute, in her "Chicago Tribune" article, "Modern Etiquette: Getting Those Thank-You Notes Right." Express your appreciation clearly and indicate what you will do with the money. Learning that you plan to use the cash to buy books for college, invest in a reliable car or study abroad for a summer will show the giver not only that you appreciate the present but also that you have been responsible enough to plan your spending.

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