SPSS (also known as PASW Statistics 17) is an IBM-owned software program used by businesses and researchers to organize and analyze statistical data. If you want to open an SPSS file in Microsoft Excel, the process is quick and easy.

Step 1

Open your data file in SPSS. From the "File" menu select "Open" (or "Open an existing data source") and select the file you want to convert.

Step 2

Select "Save As..." from the "File" menu; the "Save Data as..." window will appear.

Step 3

Select either "Excel 97 through 2003 (.xls)" or "Excel 2007 (.xlsx)" from the "Save as Type" dropdown box at the bottom of the window (whichever is appropriate to your version of Excel). Enter a name for the file and click "Save."

Step 4

Open the file in Excel to ensure your data was successfully converted.