The Best Engineering Schools in the Philippines

Mechanical engineering is one of the types of degrees offered at Filipino engineering schools.
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Engineering is the study of structure, product or system design using mathematical and scientific methods. As a highly in-demand skill, many schools in the Philippines specialize in engineering. Engineering schools are ranked based on exam-passing rates by The Philippine House of Representatives Committee on Higher and Technical Education, a lower house of the Philippine Congress.

1 University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines' Diliman campus is home to the College of Engineering -- the most comprehensive engineering program in the country. It offers bachelor's degree programs in areas such as geodetic engineering, computer science and industrial engineering. It also offers graduate degrees in energy engineering and environmental engineering. At the time of publication, the University of the Philippines is ranked as the top Philippine engineering school with an exam-passing rate of 95 percent in mechanical engineering and 92 percent in civil engineering.

2 De La Salle University

De La Salle University, located in Manila, is home to the Gokongwei College of Engineering. The school offers undergraduate programs in many branches of engineering including computer, industrial and electronics and is notable for being the only private Philippine university to be selected as part of the Southeast Asia Engineering Education Network. At the time of publication, the institution is ranked as the second-best engineering school in the country with an exam-passing rate of 98 percent in civil engineering and 86 in mechanical engineering.

3 Batangas State University

Batangas State University, in Batangas City, College of Engineering offers Bachelor of Science degrees in six types of engineering including mechanical, industrial and computer. The school has been coined the "school of champions" due to its high exam-passing rate and its students and alumni winning many champion titles in engineering competitions. At the time of publication, it is the third-best-performing Philippine engineering school with an exam-passing rate of 96 percent in mechanical engineering.

4 University of Santo Tomas

The University of Santo Tomas, located in Manila, Faculty of Engineering is the oldest school of engineering in the Philippines, having been established in 1907. The school offers both four- and five-year Bachelor of Science programs in areas including information systems, electrical engineering and civil engineering. As a Catholic institution, it aims to teach students how to be the best engineers possible while maintaining strong ethics and Christian faith. At the time of publication, it is ranked as the fourth best engineering school in the country with an exam passing rate of nearly 92 percent in civil engineering.

5 Bicol University

Bicol University has a renowned engineering department -- the College of Engineering. The department is located at the school's East Campus in Legazpi City and offers bachelor's degrees in civil, electrical, chemical, geothermal and mining engineering. The institution puts an emphasis on developing sustainable projects that will positively affect the community. At the time of publication, it ranks as the fifth-leading engineering school in the Philippines, with an exam-passing rate of 84 percent in mechanical engineering.

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