How to Delete a YouTube Video Without a Channel

You can't delete videos from other peoples' channels.
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YouTube assigns a channel to you when you become a member. Your channel contains your description, the videos you've uploaded, people you're following, your favorite videos, and your YouTube friends and followers. You can also use YouTube with your personal Google identity or a Google Plus page. However, videos uploaded using your Google identity or Google Plus page are not displayed on your YouTube channel. Furthermore, you can't delete them using your channel's Video Manager. The Video Manager is available for all YouTube accounts regardless of their type, so you can still delete the videos if you're using your Google identity or Google Plus page.

Visit YouTube and sign in to your Google account by clicking the "Sign In" button, if necessary. You can't access the Video Manager without signing in.

Click your channel's name, and then click the "Switch account" link. Click your Google name or Google Plus page that was used to upload the video to switch to it. Your Google name or Google Plus page replaces your channel name.

Click your Google name or Google Plus page, and then click the "Video Manager" link to open the Video Manager page. The Uploads tab is selected by default.

Click the arrow next to the video you want to delete, and then choose "Delete" from the menu.

Click "Yes, delete" to confirm only if you are absolutely certain you want to permanently delete the video from YouTube. If you have a single video, you must click the "Yes, delete" button again after five seconds.

  • You can't recover deleted YouTube videos, so make sure you delete the right video.
  • A green "Videos deleted" message is displayed after the video is successfully deleted.
  • To return to the channel view, click your Google name, click "Switch account," and then click your channel name.

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