When warm weather arrives, it's a relief to toss the socks and slip on a pair of breathable sandals. Thong-style sandals may look cute, but that strap between your toes can cause agonizing blisters if you're not careful. Blisters pop up because of the friction between the strap and your unprotected skin. Guard your soles against this irritation, and you'll stay blister-free all season long.

Step 1

Put on a pair of thin socks, then wear your sandals around your home for a day before taking them outside. This helps you figure out what part of the sandals are irritating your feet.

Step 2

Avoid wearing sandals every day, and alternate with more comfortable shoes such as sneakers. This gives your feet a chance to rest and heal.

Step 3

Let your sandals air out when they get wet. Wearing wet sandals may cause blisters and fungal infections.

Step 4

Wrap a piece of moleskin or an adhesive silicone pad around the sandal strap. Moleskin cushions your skin from friction and helps to prevent blisters from popping up.

Step 5

Apply an antiblister gel to your feet before putting on the sandals. The gel reduces rubbing and chafing, so blisters are much less likely to develop. Wear the gel between your toes or on any other blister-prone area.

Step 6

Coat the sandal strap and other irritating parts with an antifriction solution. The solution forms a protective barrier between skin and the sandal. Petroleum jelly also works to delay irritation, but it's not effective as a long-term solution.