Double Date Seating Etiquette at the Table

On double dates, round tables promote easy conversation among everyone.
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Double dates can be a great alternative to one-on-one dating. Two people can get to know each other without the pressure or intensity of being alone together, and established couples can spend time with other couples. Where everyone should sit at dinner during a the date depends largely on how well each pair knows each other.

1 Established Couples

Traditional dinner seating etiquette dictates that married couples should not be seated together. The idea is that sitting next to someone new is more conducive to lively discussion. Men and women are also alternated on a traditional seating plan. For couples who know each other well, this rule can be relaxed when the couples present prefer to converse with their same-gender friends rather than that person's partner.

2 New Couples

New couples are usually eager to get to know one another better, and at traditional dinners they are often seated together. On a double date, when at least one of the couples is not well-acquainted, it's a good idea to let them sit together and give them some space and privacy to talk.

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