Where Do You Find Chat Options on Facebook?

Facebook's chat options are accessible at any time in the web browser version.
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Facebook's chat options can be found within the chat sidebar and conversations themselves. Unlike Facebook's other settings and options, chat options are not found with the other service preferences. The chat options do not offer much in the way of visual element modification and are focused around controlling who can chat with you at any given time. Facebook designates option menus with a gear-shaped icon.

1 Sidebar Chat Options

You can access the chat options by clicking or tapping on the gear icon located in the chat sidebar. The chat sidebar appears on the side of the screen, as its name implies, and is designed to let you quickly message online friends. The "Chat Sounds" option toggles messaging sound effects. You can turn off chat completely by selecting the "Turn Off Chat" option from the sidebar menu. Additionally, you can block incoming chat requests from specific friends or allow only certain friends to message you under "Advanced Settings." Select which chat mode you want to use with the radio selector and type in the friends' names with whom you want to allow or disallow chat.

2 Conversation Window Options

You can click or tap the settings icon found within individual conversation windows to access additional options related to the specific conversation. The options include viewing the full conversation text, disabling chat with only the specific person and muting chat sounds for the conversation.

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