Catholic Prayer Service Theme Ideas

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The Catholic Church draws its themes from the teachings of Jesus found in the Bible. By revisiting the roots of Catholicism, you can gather a great number of themes to anchor a prayer service. Choosing themes closely related to Catholic teachings can also make it easier to choose coordinating readings and music.

1 Forgiveness

Throughout the New Testament, Jesus preaches forgiveness. Catholics practice this by participating in the sacrament of confession. Forgiveness is a major tenet of Catholicism, as well as a great theme for a prayer service.

2 Cleansing

Though God and others might forgive us, it's sometimes difficult to forgive ourselves. A cleansing-themed prayer service may help participants release their guilt and burdens. Try incorporating the symbolic actions of washing feet or faces into the prayer service.

3 Love

While practicing Catholics might try to incorporate God's love into everything and everyone in their daily lives, it's not always easy. Use the many readings and psalms that address love in the Bible to work this theme into a prayer service.

4 Giving

In hard financial times, people struggle to get by. A giving-themed prayer service can help participants develop a compassionate and unselfish spirit. You might encourage participants to pray for a specific needy cause to help them connect on a deeper level.

5 Mothers

The Catholic Church places a specific emphasis on the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Hold a prayer service that places the focus on mothers and their roles in supporting us and helping our lives to flourish.

6 Rebirth

The concept of rebirth is also important in Catholicism. Catholics accept that even the worst of sinners can have a second chance by accepting God into their lives. A rebirth-themed prayer service may point some stray sheep in the right direction.

7 Community

Catholic worship takes advantage of the spirit of the community. Encourage the appreciation of, and participation in, your community.

8 Truth

Truth is something that lies within our souls. Often, we have trouble accessing it or letting it speak freely. Deep meditation and prayer can help people address, accept and speak the truth.

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