DIY Cream Blush

Cream blush blends smoothly over dry or uneven skin textures.
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Twinkle-toes your way back from that makeup counter -- your days of devotion to brand-name beauty are about to dwindle with this home-grown rendition of radiant cream blush. Sleek, silky and sure to spread sheer color on your cheekbones without siphoning away your hard-earned savings, this do-it-yourself formula makes fair use of the crumbs of your cosmetics collection. Turn the sow's-ear dregs of your makeup bag into silk purses by transforming your old eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks into your own light, luminous, custom cream blush.

  • Old lipstick
  • Makeup palette knife
  • Microwave-safe container
  • Microwave
  • Vitamin-E oil, or face cream
  • Clean lip brush
  • Plate
  • Makeup palette
  • Foundation

1 A Kiss on the Cheek

2 Scrape out the remains

Scrape out the remains of an old lipstick tube or pot with a makeup palette knife. Slide the lipstick into a microwave-safe container.

3 Microwave

Microwave the container on a high setting for two to five seconds until the lipstick melts. Do not let the lipstick boil.

4 Let the melted lipstick cool

Let the melted lipstick cool but not harden. Add 2 drops of vitamin-E oil to the container; alternatively, you can add a small scoop of cold cream, shea butter or moisturizing cream.

5 Blend the oil or cream

Blend the oil or cream evenly into the lipstick with a clean lip brush to create your cream blush.

Store your new cream blush in an old makeup compact or makeup pot.

6 Pack a Powder Punch

Take a palette knife and scrape out a few chunks of powder blush, or eye shadows of appropriate colors, onto a plate. Crush the chunks into a fine powder with the flat side of the knife, then brush the powder onto a makeup palette.

Mix the different powder colors together with the knife to get the desired blush color. Add a few sprinkles of a loose shimmer powder, if more shine is desired.

Mix 1 teaspoon of cold cream or moisturizing cream, along with a few drops of liquid or cream foundation, into the colored powder. Powder foundation will not provide as stable a base.

Add more powder to increase the pigment and more cream to decrease it.

Store your new cream blush in an old makeup compact or makeup pot.

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