Can You Use a Verizon Tablet Without Verizon?

Use your school's free Wi-Fi instead of a Verizon data plan.
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Pairing your Verizon tablet with the company's 4G LTE data connection means you can keep surfing the Web, streaming your favorite Netflix videos and downloading files, even when there's no Wi-Fi connection nearby. But while Verizon Wireless offers tablets at a variety of price points -- with discounted purchase options when you commit to an extended contract -- you don't need a data plan or even a Verizon Wireless account to use them.

1 Using the Tablet Without Verizon Service

A tablet purchased from Verizon is identical to one purchased at any non-cellular retailer, and it's yours to use whether you maintain your data connection through Verizon Wireless or not. While a data plan keeps you constantly connected wherever you are, you can still rely on any Wi-Fi hot spot -- or even your tethered smartphone -- to power your surfing, email and other Web-enabled apps instead.

2 Cancelling Your Data Plan

If you choose not to continue your Verizon data service, you need not visit a store or call into Verizon to cancel your plan. While the specific steps vary by model, manufacturer and operating system, you can typically manage or cancel your service right on the touchscreen of most Verizon tablets. In your cellular account settings, you will have two options. Selecting "Delete Account Now" deletes the account and all remaining data usage immediately. If you choose the "Delete Account Later" option instead, you can continue using what data you have left until it's either gone or expired.

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