Expressing your love to a guy for the first time can be a nerve-wracking yet exhilarating experience. Perhaps you want to tell your boyfriend that you're in love with him or you want to express your love for a guy that you're not currently in a relationship with. Regardless, you're crazy about him, you want to share your feelings with him and you hope he feels the same in return. However, prior to telling him that you are in love with him, take a moment to consider the best approach to tell him.

Your Attitude

When telling a guy that you are in love with him, maintain a positive expectation that he will share your feelings, regardless of your awareness of how he feels about you, suggests psychologist Sam Owen in an interview for the WeWomen article "When to Say I Love You For the First Time." Going into the conversation with a positive attitude can help you to feel confident in sharing your feelings with him.

The Timing

Telling your boyfriend that you love him or letting a crush know that you're in love with him isn't something that you have to plan out in detail. Try not to over think what you are going to say or stress out about the moment. Be true to your feelings and say it when it feels like the right time and you want to share your emotions with him, suggests Owen. However, telling a guy that you love him for the first time is an intimate moment, regardless of relationship status. It is generally best to reserve such an important conversation for a time when the two of you are alone and will not be interrupted, according to the TwoOfUs article "When to Say 'I Love You.'"

The Location

Your location can help set the mood for an intimate moment. For instance, a walk along the beach or having coffee in a quiet corner of a coffee shop can create a feeling of intimacy. Suggest heading to the park, laying out a blanket and gazing at the stars. These locations can be perfect for a quiet, romantic moment in which you can share your feelings of love without interruption.

Increase Your Vocabulary

There are many ways to tell a guy that you are in love with him other than saying the standard "I love you." By using various phrases expressing your passion and love, you will be creatively telling your boyfriend or crush that you love him. For instance, you might say "You mean the world to me," "I love every minute I spend with you" or "I can't imagine my life without you."