What it Means to Love Someone With All Your Heart

Everyday activities can mean more when you're truly in love.
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Puppy love, infatuation or the real deal -- it can be difficult to categorize that feeling you're feeling, especially early in a relationship. When you know what is involved in loving another person completely, you're better able to evaluate your present relationship and emotions, and thereby to determine what your future may hold. The trick is to look beyond the romantic rush you may experience to the deeper feelings that special someone inspires in you.

1 Apart and Together

For it to be considered love and considered healthy, the bond between two people must allow for individual identities, according to clinical psychologist Meredith Hansen in the Psych Central piece “Relationship Experts on True Love & Making Love Last.” Hansen suggests that a pairing between two people who maintain their own interests while still caring deeply about one another and wanting to share space with one another is a mature union with the potential to last. While infatuation can entail the desire to “melt” into your love interest, losing your sense of self in the process, loving someone with all your heart does not detract from your personal identity, but rather fits in seamlessly with who you are as a whole.

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