Men may hold onto romantic feelings even after a relationship has ended.

After a breakup, it is possible for a man to still be in love, even for years after the relationship ends, says psychotherapist David Braucher in “Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex?” from Psychology Today. More commonly, however, men fall out of love after a breakup, particularly if they distance themselves from their ex and minimize contact.

Staying in Love

Men may stay in love after a breakup for several reasons. For some men, lingering feelings may simply be a product of memories—that is, pictures, places and events trigger positive feelings about their ex that allow them to remain in love. This is common, particularly in the early stages of a breakup. Other men may remain in love after a breakup because they are afraid of moving on or because they do not like the idea of being single. Others cling to past relationships because they are “comfortable and safe,” explains Dr. Phil on his website.