How to Repair Bent Motorcycle Rims

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Motorcycle wheels can end up being damaged due to the rigors of day-to-day use, such as potholes and bumps on the road or accidents that can cause them to bend or have dents. This can cause the wheels to wobble from side to side. However, you often can repair the damage using easily available equipment such as hammers and wooden blocks. Aluminum alloy rims require a higher level of expertise and equipment, so repairing these kinds of rims would require you to employ a professional in this field of work.

  • Wrench set
  • Mat
  • Propane torch
  • Mallet
  • Block of wood

1 Elevate the motorcycle

Elevate the motorcycle using a lift and make sure it is firmly held in position by the stand straps or chains. A center stand sometimes comes as part of the motorcycle and can save you the hassle of using a lift. Disconnect the brakes and any other parts that are connected to the hub and remove the axle nuts with the wrenches to remove the bent wheel.

2 Remove the tire from the rim

Remove the tire from the rim--you may need professional help to do this in order to avoid damaging the wheel further. Check the entire rim, looking out for bent areass especially on the lips. Mark all the bent sports.

3 Lay

Lay the rim with the bent side facing up on a soft surface such as a mat to prevent any scratches. Ignite a propane torch and set it to the full bore position so it produces a blue flame.

4 Heat the bent area

Heat the bent area of the rim for about three minutes. Place a block of wood on the bent section, then hammer carefully with the mallet until you see that bend has been removed. Repeat the same for any other bent sections if the rim has multiple damaged spots.

5 Clean the rim using a lathe

Clean the rim using a lathe, then polish it with brushes and polishing compounds. Replace the tire to the rim and fix back the wheel to the motorcycle.