What to Do if My Boyfriend Snores

Your boyfriend's snoring may keep you awake at night.
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If your boyfriend is snoring on a regular basis, you could both be suffering from sleep deprivation, which can make you tired and cause tension in your relationship. The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association explains that while snoring cannot be cured, it can be controlled. To avoid arguments and resentment after a night of interrupted sleep, try some tips to help your boyfriend bring his snoring under control.

1 Rule Out Sleep Apnea

Before you do anything else, rule out sleep apnea, a condition that occurs when airflow is obstructed during sleep causing the sleeper to stop breathing for short periods of time. In response, the brain wakes the sufferer in order for breathing to begin again. Symptoms of this condition include extremely loud snoring, often interrupted by pauses and gasps causing the sufferer to feel tired during the day. If you think your partner suffers from sleep apnea, it is vital that he visits a doctor. If this condition is ruled out, there are other tips you can try.

2 Lifestyle Changes

Being overweight can lead to fatty tissue build-up around the neck. This squeezes the airway, preventing airflow and resulting in snoring. If your boyfriend is overweight, encourage him to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Exercising regularly will help strengthen neck muscles, preventing the airways in the neck and mouth from closing. Take up a new physically stimulating activity together. You will both feel better, and the added time together can help strengthen your relationship. Your boyfriend should also avoid alcohol before bed as this will cause the muscles at the back of his throat to be more relaxed and to collapse more readily, leading to snoring.

3 Sleeping Position

Lots of people find that snoring increases if they are sleeping on their backs. Ask your boyfriend to sleep on his side. If you suggest that he cuddles up to you on his side, he may be more inclined to take your advice! If his snoring wakes you during the night and he is lying on his back, gently moving him onto his side. Try placing a pillow lengthwise down the center of the bed to prevent him from rolling over. Alternatively, sewing a tennis ball into the back of the shirt that he sleeps in will make it impossible for him to lie on his back. It sounds weird, but it often does the trick.

4 Anti-snoring Devices

There are many devices that claim to help with snoring, so it is best to ask your doctor to recommend one. If the snoring is coming from the nose, then nasal strips or dilators may help. The strip is applied to the outside of the nose and works by pulling the nostrils apart. The dilator also widens the nostrils but is placed inside the nose. If your boyfriend snores through his mouth, then a vestibular shield may help. These look a bit like the gum shields used in sports and work by blocking the flow of air into the mouth causing the snorer to breathe through his nose. A chin strip can help, too; it is applied under the chin and prevents the mouth from falling open when asleep.

5 Be Supportive

Your boyfriend can’t help snoring. He may feel embarrassed if you try to talk to him about the problem and may not want to use any of the devices available. It is important that you are supportive. Let him know that you are concerned, for his health and well-being and for your own. Tell him that you do not find him less attractive because of his snoring. Working through the problem together may not only help you to achieve a better night’s sleep, it may also strengthen your relationship.

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